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Posted in Uncategorized on May 28, 2010 by Nathan Miller

Well, it’s a rainy day and I don’t work ’till 5:30 so I thought I would take the time to update every one on my life. Life remains simple; beach, work, church, more beach, eat, drink, sleep. . . Although, I must say, I have gotten out more over the last few weeks.

Mitch and I took a trip to the east coast, Cocoa Beach to be exact, a few weeks ago. We went to visit some friends of ours who were having a party. It was a three hour drive one-way. We spent some quality time on the beach, that is until the rain came. It was fine though, our friend Hillery’s parents were having a feast at their house. We stayed up all night and Mitch and I drove back at 5AM so I could be at work by 9:30AM. I was so exhausted, it was so worth it though.

Last weekend I found out that a couple of my Kansas City friends were in Florida about an hour and a half away from my place in Saint Pete. We planned on meeting up and going to Adventure Islands, a water park that is significantly cheaper than Busch Gardens– gotta pay rent ya know? However, to my surprise, David’s parents said they would pay for all three of us to go to Busch Gardens!!!! What a blessing! But that’s not even the best part; for the same price as an out-of-state admission, a Florida resident can get a year pass! So, long story short, I got a free year-long pass to Busch Gardens! How awesome is that! Once I found out that we were going to Busch Gardens I remembered that some friends of mine in Orlando also had year-long passes so I called them and they came and stayed with us for the weekend too! All-in-all it was a fantastic weekend.

So, life is great. I am going to be starting school again in the fall; I absolutely cannot wait. Work is going well too, it could be busier but I can’t complain too much. I’m also excited for my 21st, which is coming up in August. I’m beginning to become acquainted with the Saint Pete area, and I can’t wait to see what all I will get to do over the next few months. I’m done rambling for now though. I’ll put up some recent pics for you to see.




It’s getting hot.

Posted in Uncategorized on May 5, 2010 by Nathan Miller

Well, life is good. Yesterday, Mike and I went to Indian Rocks Beach to skim board. The waves were great, some were shin to chest high. It felt great to get out and get some sun. The summer heat is finally getting here, we have had a few days in the 90’s now. Should be a nice hot summer 🙂 I can’t wait for hurricane season! Work, however, is slow slow slow. If it doesn’t improve quickly I’m going to be job hunting. I’m a big boy now. . . I’ve got bills to pay. But, forget work, tomorrow Mitch and I are driving to the east coast for a partay at our friend Hillery’s place. Should be a good time! Well, I’m off to work. Goodbye world for now.