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It has been far too long.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 20, 2010 by Nathan Miller

Well,I admit that I am not the ideal blogger. I underestimated how difficult it is to sit down and write something every day. Something so seemingly easy has proven to be a true challenge for me.

Well, what is new in the life of Nathan Miller? I have been living in Saint Petersburg, Fl now for four plus months. I have a wonderful home in the Old Northeast area of St. Pete, and I love my two other roommates; Mike and Domini and I get along together quite well.  I should really say that I have three other roommates; Along with Mike and Dom our friend Mitch stays with us often. It is quite the story how Mitch came along. A year or so ago Domini flew to Arizona so she could drive back to Florida with her best friend Kizzy. Kizzy, like me, was ready for a change of pace and decided to move to Florida too. Well, as the story goes, as they drove across our great country they became bored. In the midst of their boredom Domini happened to notice that the truck driving next to them had two “cute” boys inside. She wrote on a piece of paper the following message– TEXT ME (with her phone number in large print)– and held it up against her window. Much to the surprise of Kizzy and Domini the endeavor succeeded. As it turns out, Mitch, the driver, was moving from California to St. Pete. We have been dear friends with Mitch ever since. It truly is a great story and I am afraid that I didn’t do well in explaining it.

Well, other than that life is fairly simple for me. I’m single, not currently in school, and so that leaves work. Mike and I work together at a Macaroni Grill. It’s a fine place to work for now. Let’s just say I can’t wait to get back in school. I can not stand having nothing to do. Although, I just splurged and bought a keyboard again. It is a nice Casio, 88 keys with a sustain pedal. I am looking forward to playing again. It has been a while. Perhaps I can start spending my free time on something useful 🙂

Bills suck!!! It is hard to stay ahead. . . where does all the money go??? Anyone want to donate to the Nate Fund?

Hmmm, what else is there? Oh, we have a canoe now! It is so much fun, it weighs a ton though so it is hard to get it to the water. Mike and I need to build some wheels of some sort so we can just pull it. We also need to buy a lawn mower cause our lawn is already starting to grow fast.

In other news, I have just discovered the wonder of Pandora online radio. I have really been enjoying discovering new artists like Brett Dennen and Amos Lee. Good stuff. Well I have to get up early tomorrow so that is all for now. Night world.